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You are better off placing them in the dining room where you receive greater benefit from their enhanced Room ratings.

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Stationary chairs are cushier and nicely upholstered depending on your taste, of course , and they usually provide more comfort. Finally, the reclining chairs are top of the line, giving you increased comfort and the added benefit of being able to catch a few Zs in the reclining position. Chair placement is critical, especially around tables. A Sim will not move a chair sideways, only forward and backward. So, position the chair properly or the Sim will not be able to use the table or what is on it.

Also, be careful not to trap a Sim in a corner when a chair is pulled out. For example, if a child is playing with a train set in the corner of the room, and another Sim pulls out a chair to use the computer, the child would be trapped in the corner until the computer user is finished. When selecting a couch, function is more important than quality. If you are looking for a place to take naps, pay more attention to the Energy rating than the Comfort or Room ratings.

A multipurpose couch should have good Energy and Comfort ratings. However, if you are furnishing your party area, select one that looks good, thereby enhancing your Room rating. For a few extra dollars, a medium-priced couch will make your Sims a lot happier.

When you're flush with Simoleans, don't forget to dress up your garden with the outdoor bench. You can't sleep on it, but it looks great. In the early stages of a game, it is not important to spend a bundle of money on a designer bed. However, an upgrade later on is well worth the money, because a top-of-the-line bed recharges your Energy bar faster. Sitting at a table while eating a meal bolsters a Sim's Comfort.

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Since your Sims have to eat to satisfy Hunger, they might as well improve Comfort, too. Many objects require elevated surfaces, so allow enough room for nightstands alarm clock, lamps , tables computer , and countertops microwave, coffeemaker, etc.

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Also, your Sims cannot prepare food on a table, so provide ample countertop space in the kitchen, or you may find them wandering into the bathroom to chop veggies on the counter hair in the soup — yummy! Some items, such as the grandfather clock and aquarium, require regular maintenance, but most decorative items exist solely for your Sims' viewing pleasure. You might even get lucky and buy a painting or sculpture that increases in value. In addition to enhancing the Room score, the aquarium and fountain have Fun value.

Electronic items can break down on a regular basis, so it is a good idea to bone up on Mechanical Skills. FireBrand Smoke Detector Electronics This game offers a veritable potpourri of high-tech gadgetry, ranging from potentially lifesaving items such as smoke detectors to nonessential purchases such as pinball games or virtual reality headsets. Beyond the critical electronics items — smoke detectors, telephone for receiving calls or calling services and friends, TV for cheap fun, and computer for finding a job — you should focus on items with group activity potential, especially if you like socializing and throwing parties.

Notes: An alarm unit covers one room, but an outside alarm covers an area within five tiles of the house. The police are called immediately when the alarm goes off.

Best location is in the kitchen; stick with wall phones in the rest of the house. You can maximize the effect by matching the program category with your Sim's personality, as noted in the following table. Do not attempt to repair the TV unless your Sim has at least one Mechanical Skill point three is even better.

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If your Sim doesn't have the proper training, poking around inside the TV will result in electrocution. Notes: Place these phones wherever your Sims spend a lot of time. Notes: Group activity; can only be used by kids. Notes: An inexpensive way to start a party in your front yard.

Notes: It's expensive, but it provides instant entertainment for a full house. Strings Theory Stereo Stereos Dancing to the music is a great group activity, especially for Sims with effervescent personalities although it is perfectly acceptable to dance alone. When a Sim dances with a houseguest, it increases both their Fun and Social ratings.

The computer has three job postings every day, making it three times as productive as the newspaper employment ads. Aside from career search, the computer provides entertainment for the entire family, and it helps the kids keep their grades up better chance of cash rewards from the grandparents.

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Playful and lazy Sims love the computer. However, if only serious Sims occupy your house, you can grab a newspaper and let the age of technology pass you by.

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The effects are temporary, but sometimes it's the only way to get rolling. For grins, wait until a Sim puts on the glasses, then immediately issue another command. The Sim head on the control panel will wear the glasses for the duration of your game. You'll fill your bladder twice as fast as with regular coffee, but it is a small price to pay for more energy and a splash of fun.

Appliances With the exception of the dishwasher and trash compactor, the Sim appliances are all devoted to the creation of food or java. At a bare minimum, you need refrigeration.

However, if you want your Sims to eat like royalty, train at least one family member in the gentle art of cooking and provide that Sim with the latest in culinary tools. Improve your Cooking Skills and buy a real oven. Until then, use a microwave.

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The 6-foot-1, pounder played linebacker inside and outside , safety, cornerback and running back during his career with the Bruins. Ui A Jit Introduction When you are charged with the solemn task of creating a Sim from scratch, you have 25 points to distribute over five traits: Neat, Outgoing, Active, Playful, and Nice. Time stands still while you visit Studio Town, so you find everything at home, even the time, the same as when you left. Prvn in of see a dat phim du? Constan keyboa. It's also very bad for your Hygiene levels.

Be careful not to position the grill near flammable items. Motive: Dirty dishes lower your Room score. Notes: Kids can't use the dishwasher, but it still cuts cleanup time considerably, and the countertop can be used for placing other items sorry, no eating allowed. Notes: The Cadillac of dishwashers cleans up kitchen messes in a snap. This model has fewer breakdowns than the Dish Duster.

Notes: Without it the Sims would be washing dishes in the bathroom. When it's matched with a food processor, gas stove, and an experienced chef, your Sims will be licking their lips. Of course, not every plumbing object is essential, but you can't beat a relaxing hour in the hot tub with a few of your closest friends or casual acquaintances. Motive: Hygiene 2 Notes: Neat Sims like to wash their hands after using the toilet.

One Sim can shower at a time, and the neat ones tend to linger longer than the sloppy ones. Sims are generally shy if they are not in love with a housemate, so you may need more than one shower and bathroom to prevent a traffic jam in the bathroom. Hydrothera Bathtub Lighting Sims love natural light, so make sure the sun shines through your windows from every direction.

And, when the sun goes down, your Sims need plenty of lighting on the walls, floors, and tables to illuminate their world until bedtime. Although only three lamps listed below have direct impact on the Room score, all of the lamps have a collective effect when spread evenly throughout the home. Pay special attention to key activity areas in the kitchen, family room, bedrooms, and of course, the bathroom. Save your Simoleans, buy it, and listen to sounds of relaxation.

Lamp bulbs burn out with use, and they must be replaced.

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Sims can replace their own bulbs, but without Mechanical Skills, they run the risk of electrocution. Don't make the mistake of ignoring these items because you think they're luxuries; your Sim's life would be extremely difficult without a trash can, alarm clock, and bookcase. Plus, if you want to improve your Sim's Charisma and Body ratings, you'll need a mirror and exercise machine.

So, once you install the basic objects in your house, look to the Miscellaneous category for objects that take your Sim's lifestyle to the next level. Notes: Your Sims can Practice speech in the bathroom and improve their Hygiene at the same time. Notes: Active Sims love to play hoops, and any visitor is welcome to join the fun. A Sim with higher Body points performs better on the court.

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Notes: This dresser allows your Sim to change clothes body skins. The choices vary, depending upon the Sim's current outfit. Notes: Every drink lowers the Bladder score, but adult Sims like to make drinks for themselves and friends. Kids can grab a soda from the fridge. Antique Armoire Notes: The most creative Sims will produce more beautiful music. The better the music, the greater the chance that listeners will like it. If a listener does not like the music, both Sims' Relationship scores will deteriorate. Make sure that you allow enough room for Sims to get to the table and walk around it during play. Notes: When the house is swarming with kids, send them outside to raise their Fun bar and burn some energy.