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You are open-minded and liberal, and have a strong sense of the interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated things and you are inclined to a holistic or systems approach to whatever you do.

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Too much light socializing makes you uncomfortable. Any activity like reading, writing, or painting that helps you delve deeply into something is good for you. You can become irritated and angry if you are unable to create this time and space in your schedule on a regular basis for an activity of this kind.

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You are willing to work with dedication and commitment over a long period of time to gain mastery and excellence. You derive satisfaction from exploring the historical roots and the many underlying influences of any area of life, thereby gaining a deep and mature comprehension of the material.

Pluto Aspect Moon in the Birth Chart. Moon with Pluto

You have a knack for making others feel welcome and accepted. You can use this gift as a counselor, teacher, parent, and in many other areas of life. You are sensitive to, and concerned about, social injustices and social inadequacies that prevent some people from having the same opportunities as others have.

You are a responsible and mature person. You can use your gift to make an important contribution that will have lasting benefits for your community.

Breathing Refined Air: The Esoteric Aspects

You have a good memory and good intuition. It is critically important for you to have close and strong family relationships and friendships. Any difficulties in your personal relationships tend to destroy your enthusiasm, confidence and effectiveness in all areas of life. Most likely you are an excellent communicator, with the ability to express ideas in a beautiful, sensitive, and articulate manner, particularly in writing or through art work, design, or other works that you can pour your heart into. Your gift may not be obvious superficially; it comes out when you apply yourself to an area that interests you.

A career that involves elements of both intelligence or communication and aesthetic sensitivity can hold your attention and interest for many years, whereas a career that involves only intelligence, communication, or aesthetics is not likely to keep you motivated. You take great delight in clever and creative works and in games.


The 'novile' degrees of the zodiac taken from 0 Aries are: 10 Taurus; If novile aspects are connected in a novile pattern it suggests that this lifetime is part of a. The novile aspect is one ninth of the zodiac, or 40 degrees. Everything I say here about the novile can also be applied to the bi-novile, which is.

Ideas that have been associated with the 7th Harmonic Aspects are the potential to rise to the occasion when needed; potential to receive inspiration from higher worlds; and, linked with the latter idea, potential for involvement in religious or spiritual matters. Some say the Septiles show what the individual needs to "turn them on," i.

Septiles can show in what areas the individual has a capacity for achievement. Noviles express our potential capacity for the enjoyment of life. Hindu astrologers use noviles in connection with proposed marriages. Noviles appear to indicate the areas in which we can potentially find pleasure, especially in relation to the way we work towards achieving our desired ends. Some astrologers say that the novile aspects in a natal chart show the characteristics of the person who will best fulfil our true needs and aspirations. Trines are members of this Series. Like the Trines, Noviles are not difficult to handle, unless the pair of planetary energies linked by the Novile are not compatible, e.

Saturn and Mars. Such difference as there might be between these two series of aspects lies probably in the rather more physical nature of the Deciles and the somewhat more intellectual nature of the Quintiles. Squares are the goads that push the hero into her quest and keep her growing and changing. They are part of what makes us feel accomplished and wise. Squares symbolize conflict partially because of their distance from each other.

In the 90 degree aspect, planets are usually in the same modality. They all have a common means of motion, but what they are moving towards is totally different. The cardinal signs all move with a sense of action and initiation. What they want to initiate, however, is not the same thing at all.


Aries takes action that leads to self awareness, self will and triumph. In human terms, we can say that once a person's consciousness can resonate to and operate at the level represented by, say Number or vibration Five, the person can actualize a quintile-type of creativity in a new involutionary process stressing spontaneous activity. Square Squ The longer they stay around, the more difficult it is to dispose of them pleasantly or creatively. While we cannot go into great interpretive depth here, we can at least point to a few examples which the serious student is urged to follow up and examine more closely.

Aries takes action that leads to self awareness, self will and triumph. Cancer, 90 degrees from Aries, takes action that leads to emotional union, shared pain and merging. Libra, 90 degrees from Cancer, takes action that leads to shared beauty, intellectual values and social pleasure.

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Capricorn, 90 degrees away from Libra, takes action that leads to greater authority, responsibility and achievement. And back to Aries, 90 degrees from Capricorn, who could care less about responsibility and the limits it entails. Squares imply meaningful conflicts and contrasts requiring effort and introspection to resolve. Usually they are difficult to ignore. They generally grab our attention in trickster-like ways, yet can be beneficial, creative and fertile.

These angles were not in general use in ancient times and take a fairly new position in the ranks of aspects. They connect planets or angles together in ways that imply change and adjustment through struggle. Many authors suggest they be read as somewhat watered down squares, agreeing that they indicate anxiety and some measure of instability.

Both the semi-square and the sesquiquadrate can imply harsh and sharp reactions, which can be a brand of excitement. Resistance to both planets involved is not uncommon. The situations associated with these aspects require deliberate action and persistence. Again, more insight will come from considering the nature of the planets combined. The trine has a reputation for good fortune, ease of action and absence of difficulty. It has been dubbed the aspect of creativity and spiritual expansion, bringing happiness and pleasure. Its symbol, the equilateral triangle, lends itself to harmony, balance and contentment.


The planets involved are of the same element, unless they make an out of sign aspect, indicating a flow of energy free from blocks. Ancient texts claim the trine is always good, requiring hardly any effort and bringing beneficial results. It is evident that he gained a great deal of pleasure from the activities that made him so infamous. The trine seems to indicate acceptance, whether that be between the Moon and Venus or the Moon and Pluto. The planets are in a comfortable relationship to each other and follow the line of least resistance. This may indicate the least resistance to the perfection of a belief or philosophy, or the least resistance to what others might see as destructive or anti-social.

It helps to remember that astrology is not trapped within a cultural paradigm. It's outside the box. It also makes not judgments.

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The quality of the aspects are not 'good or bad' but expressions of energy, just as it is. This is based on the positive nature of the aspect that usually involves signs that are in the same polarity, earth and water or fire and air. Sextiles also require us to be alert. An opportunity may arise between planets in sextile although we have to make some effort to grasp that moment when it appears.

Horary astrology indicates the sextile brings easy occasions that are more recognizable to the native if angular houses are involved. A sextile from the cadent houses point towards procrastination or hesitation when quick action is required. The sextile links planets to each other in a generally compatible way that suggests cooperation and empathy. Again, the nature of the planets involved must be considered as well as the individuals unique way of expressing them together.

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If Mars is in a sextile aspect to Pluto, it does not automatically imply that one has transformed their primitive assertive drives in such a way that they are strong yet sensitive. It may just as likely indicate that when they feel assertive or takes action Mars they also feel the power of the primeval world move through them in an obsessive wave of destructive revenge Pluto. It is important to acknowledge the power of the sextile to bring planets together for a single purpose or cause. The important point to note is that these once considered minor aspects show themselves repeatedly to reside among the ranks of the majors.

They effectively link planets together in signs of different polarity, element and modality and general orientation. The combination can make you cringe. Others associate both the semisextile and the quincunx with the strain and unease of a square. Again the best approach is to evaluate the aspect based on what two planets are being connected and how easy or challenging is it to accommodate for their needs and drives in the signs they are in.

Minor aspects, major impact

These aspects are not too easy to spot at a glance as they do not correspond in degrees. The signs are often in the same modality for the Quintile, and the bi-quintile usually in signs that would be quincunx. These more obscure aspects have been associated with creative energy and talent. They can bring together needs and drives that may not harmonize initially.